The bridal party gathers at around 2: 00  in the afternoon before the wedding.
This is the time for setting up and decorating
for the ceremony and for the reception.
There is a rehearsal followed by a festive dinner either on site or at a nearby restaurant.The bridal party may then relax in the hottub or sauna or around a campfire.
The 48 hour Rehearsal, Wedding and Reception Package
from $8500
Everyone has a good night’s rest and wakens early for a light breakfast. 
Now it is time to bring out the flowers, make last minute arrangements and dress for the ceremony.  There is music playing.  Guests arrive and are assisted in parking.
They begin to take their places for the ceremony.  Suddenly the traditional fanfare is heard, and everyone rises and turns to watch the bride approach the altar...

After the ceremony, hugs and kisses, pictures.  Music takes on more of a party mood. 
The Bride's bouquet is launched and some lucky girl’s boyfriend goes into shock. 
Guests mingle and chat as they begin to be seated for the banquet.
There are toasts, elegant food, and of course the cake... 
Dancing begins.  The stars are out. 
Some of the guests leave, butthe Bridal party and close friends remain.
The atmosphere becomes more intimate.
The hot tub is working. There is nearly always a campfire.

The Bridal party and some close family and friends will party late and stay overnight. 
In the morning, breakfast is served to early birds and sleepy heads alike. 
There is plenty of time for gathering up your belongings. 
Checkout time is 2:00 P.M.
Sample Breakfast for Overnight Guests
       Assorted Bagels           
       Cream Cheese          
       Assorted Muffins          
       Toaster Waffles          
       Hot Chocolate Mix
       Assorted cold cereal          
       Fruit in Season          
       Orange Juice          
       Coffee, Teas
     Cabin, per night             $ 90
      Firewood, 1/4 cord     $ 40
      Childcare, per hour      $ 25
      Each Additional Guest
             $ 15/day  $ 25 over-night
      Sauna, per day               $ 40
      Move the Outdoor Stage    $250
      Overtime, per hour       $150

For additional information and/or to arrange an appointment for a site visit,
E-mail us at
or call us at
408 353 5851.
In order to protect the privacy of our guests
and to avoid interrupting events in progress,
we do not allow unscheduled visits to our facility.
Package includes
     Indoor or Outdoor Wedding           
     Indoor or Outdoor Reception          
     Bridal Dressing Room          
     Outdoor Stage for ceremony and/or dancing
     Seating and tables for 100 guests
     Kitchen privileges       
     2 Cabins for 2 nights          
Dormitory accommodations for 24 persons, 2 nights          
     Use of Hottub          
     Use of Firepit          
     Breakfast for 26 persons, morning of the wedding          
     Breakfast for 26 persons, morning after the wedding