The Dormitories at Laurel Mill Lodge
Both the Cabins and the Dormitories are nestled in the woods
across the creek from the Lodge. 
Each set is located up the hill a piece
from its own foot bridge.

The Dormitories
consist of six units, arranged as duplexes
in three A-frame buildings
connected by wood decking. 
They are situated on the steep banks
of the minor creek, in what we have come to call the storybook forest section
of the property
      A closeup of the waterfall in the creek below the Dormitories.
    They have lots of windows, electric lights,  four sleeping berths on two levels,
and a clothes hanging rod.  These used to be the kids' quarters when Laurel Mill Lodge was Camp Laurel Glen in the 1950's,
and they are a shade more comfy than camping out.

We provide a three inch foam mattress, two on single bunks down below and two more in the loft.  You provide the sleeping bag (or we could rent you one.)
Dormitories may be rented individually or all together.
Together there is room for a total of 24 people.
  Outside view of two of the A-frame Dormitories.
showing mainly how they are connected by decking.
  Inside view of a Dormitory downstairs, showing the mats and racks and the stair ladder to the loft.
What you see is what you get.  But you will probably see more than our camera does. 
We canít get a fish-eye lens for this model.

Basic Dormitory rental is $30 per person per night (maximum $100 per unit.) 
This includes use of the grounds, the Hot Tub and the Shower Room,
but not the Kitchen or the Great Hall. 
You may choose to cook over a fire on the meadow
or for shared Kitchen privileges,
add $20 per Dormitory unit per day.

The Dormitories are ideal for young families on a camping adventure. 
Let Mom and Dad sleep downstairs to guard the door
and cram all the kids into the loft with the steeply pointed roof.

For Weddings and Family Reunions, all six Dormitories are included in every Package longer than 24 hours.  It's like getting 24 free places for people to sleep.
It's also a way to prevent party animals from having to drive home late at night.

      Laurel Mill Lodge
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