The Pavilion
at Laurel Mill Lodge
Located just off the lawn below the kitchen deck and right over the creek is the remodeled Train Station.  At least we used to call it the Train Station, because when we first saw it, it looked something like an old train station, and we noticed it once had a telephone booth.  We even found a piece of old narrow guage rail in the creek below.

No trains ever came by, though.  And finally we learned the real scoop from the gentlemen who built it for the kids camp that he ran here in the 1950's. This structure was really the girls' bathroom.

Well, it no longer had bathroom facilities either.  So we came up with a new use for it.  Now it's a space for serving food or staging entertainment.  It has a great deck for dancing and counter space for serving food.  It has electric service for a band or a DJ and can be covered in case of rain.

The Pavilion is available to anyone who rents facilities at Laurel Mill Lodge and serves as kind of an indoor/outdoor option for your enjoyment.  The deck is 28 by 28 feet, and there is a roof over about a third of it.

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