Laurel Mill Lodge Wedding Packages
are optimized for memorable good times. 
When you book your Wedding here,  you get the whole resort and not for just four or five hours,  but for a whole day or more.

Most of our Wedding packages include a Reception with a
Feast,  usually served outdoors,  and dancing under the stars.
When People tire of this,
 the hot tub and/or the camp fire are ready. 

It doesn't have to end there. 
Weddings at Laurel Mill Lodge can go on for days. 
In all of our longer Wedding Packages,  a Continental Breakfast and all 24
Dormitory Bunks are included.  That's like 24 free places for people to stay. 
One or Two of the
Cushy Cabins are also included
for the Bride and Groom.
Planning your Wedding
at Laurel Mill Lodge
WHAT A DAY   This is!!
The Sun  is shining.  The Trees are still. 
Everywhere you look are Flowers. 
A lyrical flute solo floats across the Meadow.
You feel calm and collected
because you have been relaxing
near a mountain stream
since yesterday after noon. 
You know this is going to be a wonderful party, 
because you don't have to go home tonight.
A wedding cake hangs from
a tree in our orchard area.
Friends and Relatives often come
from long distances,
and it's a shame to send them home
right after the ceremony.  
Plus, there's a whole other family for them to meet! 
Why not let them really get acquainted?
You could go places together 
in Santa Cruz or Monterey,
and then come back here
for a barbeque and a campfire.
Some Wedding celebrations here have gone
from Wednesday to Monday or Tuesday.

We can position the Stage anywhere on our cathedral-like meadow  and arrange the Arch
and Railings to your taste.
This is not a high heels kind of place.  
It's more of a place to let down your hair and be yourselves. 
It's a place to leave your watch in your luggage, 
forget about telephones
and completely relax. 
The tall trees and abundant wildlife set the stage
for authenticity and intimacy.
The fire circle and a hot tub big enough for a crowd
lend themselves to  late night singing and long conversations.
Here are the 2013-2014 Wedding Packages.
For more information, click on the names of those that interest you.
Most Weddings involve a Religious observance,
and Laurel Mill Lodge welcomes people
of all Faiths .
For additional information and/or to arrange an appointment for a site visit,
or call us at
408 353 5851.
In order to protect the privacy of our guests
and to avoid interrupting events i
n progress,
we do not allow unscheduled visits to our facility.
In case a storybook redwood forest was not what you had in mind, the Laurel Mill Lodge would like to refer you to the most reliable and complete guide for places and services for your wedding in Northern California,
Every Wedding
needs some planning. 
The Bride and Groom
usually come up
with the concept.  
A Wedding Coordinator
can help
with the 'business" end
of the preparation.  
We can provide the setting
and services
to make it all come true.